Factory Premises

MFL provides in depth knowledge and exceptional personal assistance to all our customers. MFL believe in constant improvements and to achieve that, periodical market survey is done and regular customer feedback is collected for continuous improvement.

MFL's ultimate aim is customer satisfaction and to meet that we deliver the best quality of fruit pulp, at affordable prices.

Once the order is received, MFL operation head, supply chain manager and staff are conscious of the time frame in its execution and put in maximum efforts to complete the delivery on time


Fruits Unloading Point


Ripening Chambers - Green Fruits Ripening Chamber, Harvest Ripening Chamber

Fruit Washer, Conveyor

Fruit Washer with Conveyor, to sort Fruits and remove damaged ones. - 2 lines


Destoner to remove the skin, and seed from the Fruit, the seed is hard as Stone and so its name.


The Pulper helps in removing the fine fibers out of the raw pulp and also maintains the texture.


The Kettle is used to heat the pulp and standardization, for manual pulp blending and canning.

Decanter - for Aseptic & Canning

Unlike the existing decanters, our decanters are reconditioned with new specifications for Crop 2014, to achieve Industry standards Clarification. - 2 lines, each 6ton/hr Capacity.

Mainly used for Guava, Papaya, and Specific Mango Pulps.

Seperator - for Aseptic & Canning

Our Mango Fruit Pulp seperator is proven to remove black specs, and brown specs clarify fruit pulp as per our requirements. 2 lines, each 7 tons/hr capacity. German made.

Evaporator - for Pulp Concentrates

Evaporator to produce Tomato Puree, Guava, Papaya, Mango and other Fruit Pulp Concentrate.

Filler - Aseptic Bag in Drums 225kg

Aspetic Bag in Drum Filling Line - Single Strength with 6 tons per hour capacity. Make- Italy.


Aspetic Bag in Drum Filling Line - Single Strength with 8 tons per hour capacity & Double Strength 4 tons per hour capacity Make - Spain.


Aspetic Bag filling line in Operation.


Finished Goods Storage point. Aseptic Bag in Drums.


Finished Goods Storage point. Can 3.1kgs, packing in Carton and Pallets, based on customer requirements.

Storage & Shop Floors

Delight Storages - Fruit Pulp Fiinished Goods Storage Point 1. 25,000Sq.Ft.


Maasafi Foods - Fruit Pulp Fiinished Goods Storage Point 2, Aseptic Filling Section - 15tons/hr. 18,500Sq.Ft.


Fruit Pulp Canning Section-5tons/hour


Boilers, 5ton and 2 ton.


Chiller, and Cooling Towers for Aseptic Filling and Canning Retort lines.


Submerged 1lakh litres storage and Water Softner Unit.